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While there may be "very few people named Zusman" in the All Lithuania
Database (ALD), if you search for the given name Zusel you will get more
than 2,200 search results.

Zusel was a common diminutive for Zusman. My father was born
Zusman Bastunski in Eisiskes (now Lithuania) in 1905. When he
came to the U.S. in 1922 (with papers listing him as Zusel Bastunski),
he changed his name to Alexander Sussman Baston.

The Alexander part of his American name reflects the connection
between the name Alexander and the given names Ziskind, Zuskind
and Zusman. In my father's certificate >from an electro-teknik
institute in Lida, his name was listed as Zusman Alexander

Judy Baston
San Francisco, CA

Peter Cohen writes:

<< I have been trying to locate Zusman Rotkovitz of Mikhaliskis
Lithuania, born in the late 1830s or 1840s. The only thing I know
about him is that his name appears as the father of Hyman Rothkowitz
(1870 - 1942). i.e. Chaim Boruch ben Zusman.

Not only do I not see anyone named Zusman Rotkowitz in the ALD or any
of the Vilna area data, there are very few people named Zusman in the
ALD. This leads me to suspect that there is a kinnui for Zusman, and
if he appears in any of our databases,it is under some other name
than Zusman.

I have seen a reference that says Zelig can be a kinnui for Zusman.
Are there any other names that could be kinnuim for Zusman? >>

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