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Howard Margol

My guess is, checks sent >from another member country of the EU are
acceptable in Lithuania. For others, instead of wiring the payment,
which usually costs a $35-$40 bank charge, send a certified bank check
which costs a lot less.

Howard Margol

From: John Gross <>
Stephen Katz asks the following:

My question is, what is the latest information or experience about payment
to the Lithuania State Historical Archives (LVIA) for documents ordered?

I have identified a document of interest to me and LVIA's charge
will be 3.04 EUR (very reasonable, in my view) for a digital copy
plus 5.79 EUR bank taxes, for a total of 8.83 EUR -- roughly $9.50.
The funds are to be transferred to a specified LVIA account at its
bank in Vilnius. My local bank's flat rate for wire transfers abroad
is $40. Has anyone had recent experience (i.e., within the last 6
months or so) in sending payment for LVIA documents by any means
other than wire transfer, or know whether LVIA will accept other
means of payment?

I have similar problems regarding the costs of making electronic
transfers >from the UK. However, I have dealt with another archive, the
LCVA, as recently as July 2014 and they were quite happy to take a
cheque drawn on my bank account. I don't know if this is because we are
part of the European Union but it is worth asking the LVIA the question.

John Gross
Hemel Hempstead

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