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Does anybody know of any guide to Kovno architecture of the 1930's or so?

According to an interview my brother did with my father in the 1970's,
my grandfather, Leib NADEL, had an uncle with the surname BRISTIN who
had an unusual modernistic house, completely cylindrical. It seems
like this might have been written about if anybody were documenting
architecture of the time and it might help me track down who that
uncle was.

Miriam Nadel

researching (partial list):
NADEL (Dusetos and Vilna, Lithuania, Dvinsk, Latvia)
FAINSHTEIN (Josvainiai and Kovno, Lithuania)
HANKIN, CHONKEL, HAYKEL (various towns around Kovno, Pumpeniaia,
Puselatos, Lithuania)
SCHWARTZBART (Zambsk, Poland)
MAKOWER (Zambsk, Poland)
CHLEBIOCKI (Tykocin, Poland)

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