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Linda Kelley

In the 1816 Revision List for Raseiniai, Lithuania, there was [Page
221, Registration #134] Zelik Levin, b. 1781, son of Yankel, Zelik's
wife, Sora, b. 1789, their daughter, Krasna, b. 1805. They had come
from Ariogala in 1815.
In the same household: Abram Dutserovich, son of Eliash, b. 1796, his
wife, Beyla, b. 1793, Movsha Volf/Wolf, son of Velvel, b. 1781, his
wife, Feyga, b. 1784, and their daughter, Sheva, b. 1811. They all
came >from Ariogala in 1815.

I'm wondering if the women were sisters, or what the connection was
for these three families. Please respond if your ancestors were in
this household.

[I have Wolfs >from Raseiniai: Hirsh/Girsh, a glazier, and two sons,
Moshe and Note. Note/Nathan was my great grandfather. Hirsh/Girsh was
probably born before 1826 and died before 1884.]

Thank you!!!
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA

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