Searching for skala contacts: thalor, ben-ari, shapiro, zsolnay, leonard, solomon #galicia

Tony Hausner

I have come across several old postings that menioned skala. the email
addresses are old on several and have bounced. please contact me if you are
one of these persons or know of them. I am co-shetl leader for skala and
would like to pursue the information that they previosuly posted.

1) Deborah Siegel Thalor,

2) Yoni Ben-Ari

3) Gerald Shapiro,

4) Carol Adler Zsolnay ,

5) Philip J. Leonard, Philip <>

6) Reba Solomon,
Tony Hausner
Silver Spring, MD


Hausner: Skala, Galicia; Austria, Bohemia
Wechsler, Zimmerman: Galicia
Bloch, Epstein: Czech

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