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Graeme Boocock


I am looking for the birth record of an Alfred Simon ABRAMOWITZ
(sometimes Simon ABRAMOWITZ) born March 23, 1887 in RUSNE in SILUTE /

Alfred was a Ministerialrat during the Weimar Republic. He became an
advisor to the Prussian Ministry of the Interior and the head of
national police. He married a Regina KROPKE >from Hannover (sometimes
Marie Regina Else Minna KROPKE), and the two of them ultimately fled
to London. He died there in July 1945.

Alfred ABRAMOWITZ was living with my wife's great grandmother, Clara
LOEWENHEIM (formerly LEWIN, maiden name ABRAMOWITZ) in Berlin in the
late 1920s. Due to the common surname, I have always suspected that
this Alfred may have been a cousin of some sort. However, we also
know that Clara rented out rooms in her large flat to various
non-relatives as a source of income, so it is equally possible that
Alfred is not a relative at all. With the help of Luc Radu, we have
now found the source of the patronym ABRAMOWITZ in Clara's family: it
was earlier AVRAMOVICI and derives >from an actual Avram only two
generations back >from Clara. This Avram was >from the Botosani area of

Although I know Alfred Abramowitz' date and place of birth from
several later records, I do not know his parents' names. If I could
find their names, I may be able to confirm or refute the possibility
of a family connection once and for all. I have to say that the
distance between Rusne and Botosani is already leading me to suspect
that he is not a relative.

Of course, I have had an initial look around JewishGen and Ancestry. I
have not found anything pertaining to Alfred's birth or parentage so
far. Are there extant Lithuanian records >from Rusne >from that period
that can be searched?

With Best Regards,
Graeme Boocock.
Ottawa, Canada

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