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Like many of you, for me, the purpose of doing genealogy is to collect
the facts to write my family story in a compelling, readable and
organized way which will high-lite what my grandparents, parents and
other relatives did and what we can learn >from them.

I plan on using the Creative Nonfiction approach so that hopefully the
story will read like a novel.I would also like to include articles on
various topics such as Jewish history in Europe, The Pale, stories and
facts about their shtetls, my own roots trip to them, the Ellis Island
experience, maps, to name a few. I open with my grandfather sailing
for America, as the first in the family chain, leaving his wife and
children behind in England and then flashback to his and my
grandmother`s family tree.;then possibly to their sibling, their
children grandchildren etc.

I am seeking a good outline for the book and as to how best to proceed.

Where would you put the articles i.e at the end of each chapter ,in a
collection at the end of the book?

Any and all ideas are welcome. Do you have the names of any books,
family histories, articles etc that you are aware of that I can review.

We are taught that when you forget the dead, they die a second time. I
am committed that the good of my family shall live on and shall serve
as a source of inspiration to my children, grandchildren and posterity.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and help.

Rich Friedman
Lakewood, N.J.

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