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Alan Weiser has posed several excellent questions. In fact, the registration
of events was governed by regulations that were published in 1877. These
regulations were developed in response to legislation that was promulgated
in 1875. The legislation specifically addressed the issue of Jewish
registration of births, marriages and deaths. The resulting regulations
created Jewish administrative districts that were identical to those of the
Judischen Kultus Gemeinde (The Jewish Culture Committee), the self governing
system that Austria used to regulate Jewish affairs.

The regulations specified virtually every aspect of the registration
process. Some issues ago, The Galitzianer, the publication of Gesher
Galicia, published key excerpts of the regulations and readers who are not
members of this valuable organization, may want to look into that article.
The answer to the specific question about the required timing of
registration of an event is that it was within 8 days of the event. In the
case of births, the name of the child had to be recorded at that time. In
the case of deaths, a certificate of death (issued by an Austrian government
agency) had to be submitted. There were also requirements for rabbis to
enter "information on all marriages in their wedding books in accordance
with legal requirements.....within 8 days [ to the registrar]." We know
that the latter did not occur when the marriage was religious and not the
required civil marriage.

The regulations also set out procedures, qualifications, etc. for the
registrar who was paid >from the taxes collected by the Gemeinde. In some
cases, the registrar was a rabbi. The government had to approve each
registrar. Examples of these approvals can be seen on microfilms at the
Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem.

I will be discussing some of these issues at the November 20 joint meeting
of Gesher Galicia and the Jewish Genealogical Society [of New York] that Pam
Weisberger announced in a previous SIG digest.

Suzan Wynne
Kensington, MD

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