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Peggy Freedman <peggyf@...>

Hi David,

This question was discussed here in March. David Shapiro of Jerusalem
explained as follows:

>The oldest, the Shnipeshuk cemetery, was destroyed by the communists
in order to build
>a sports center. All that remains there is a monument in several
>languages commemorating the former cemetery. (The grave of the Vilna
>Gaon and others that were buried in his "ohel" were transferred to the
>new cemetery).

>In the St. Petersburg library there is a manuscript with a map of this
>cemetery showing the location of all the graves, and a microfilm copy is
>available in the National Library in Jerusalem.

>The second cemetery was also destroyed to build a non-sectarian funeral
>building. There are still some graves on hills around the building.
>There is also a monument built >from tombstones, many of which I
>understand had been used in building.

>The third, newest cemetery is still in use. It is here that the grave of
>the Vilna Gaon is now found.

I know >from my previous correspondence with you that you live in
Israel. Perhaps you could locate the microfilm transcript in the
National Library in Jerusalem. It would be wonderful if you could add
it to the JOWBR!

On June 14, David Nesher wrote:
>Does anyone know the condition of cemeteries in Vilnius?
>Are there any online databases for searching one cemetery in Vilnius
>apart >from the database of Jewishgen?
>Are there any burial records or monuments of Vilnius are not included
>already in the database of Jewishgen?

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Coordinator, Vilnius District Research Group of LitvakSIG

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