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Hello Galizianers,

I am relatively new in this Discussion Group and living in Belgium. For
obvious reasons I cannot attend the regional meeting which will be held on
November 20.
I would be interested in any information on the town of Snyatin, where my
father was born as well as both my grand-parents.
So far, all searches have led to dead ends because of lack of vital records.

As I understood it >from Eden Joachim, the coordinator of the groups, no one
has shown an interest for this town but it does not mean there will not be.

I would so much appreciate if someone interested in Snyatin could share what
he/she would have learned in the meeting concerning Snyatin.

Please respond privately and thank your very much,

Evelyne Haendel
Liege, Belgium

SOJCHER/ Snyatin
HENDEL, HECHT, Mihaileni, Rumania

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