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Danielle Weiner

RE: Vilnius Cemeteries - response >from Galina Baranova

I wrote to Galina Baranova at the Lithuanian State Historical Archive
in Vilnius regarding the question about the Vilnius Cemeteries, and
I'm sharing her response in this message.

Danielle Weiner:


The cemetery that existed in Snipishok was a very old cemetery. It was
established in the end of 15th century and was was closed for burials
in the beginning of the 19th century when in 1829 another Jewish
cemetery in Zarechye (Uzupis; on the Olandu Street) was established in
1829. The Jews were buried in the cemetery till 1946 and this cemetery
was destroyed in 1959. The archive does not preserve any separate
lists for people buried on this or that cemetery. There are the death
records of the city of Vilna Jewish Community for the period
1837-1940. I can state that all Jews listed in the records and buried
in Vilna were buried on the cemetery on the present Olandu Street.

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