Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Vol. 2 Proceedings from Paris Conference #lithuania

Rhoda Miller

If anyone has a copy for sale of Vol. 2 Proceedings >from the 2012
Paris Conference (English), and going to Seattle, would you be willing
to bring it to Seattle? I can pay in euros or USD.

Alternatively, if someone does have the book, and would be willing to
either scan and email my article (Home Bittersweet Home: Litvak
Research and Travel) with the cover pages for citation information, it
would be much appreciated.

Please respond privately,
Rhoda Miller
Babylon, NY

KOVALSKY (Svencionys, Utena, Vilna, Kaltinian, Israel)
KOTLOWITZ (Orlya, Belarus; Vilna)
CHOLODOWSKY (Granov, Ukrainie; Odessa)
EISDORFER (Mukachevo, Beregkisalmas)

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