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Hello everyone,
This is a bit of a reach, but you never know what you'll find
if you don't ask. I was recently contacted on by a man
whose DNA matched as a 3rd-4th cousin to my grandfather and 5th-6th
cousin to me.

The man's Lithuanian family members came >from Varniai Lithuania.
I had never researched Varniai since my family left >from Kaunas
and Taurage but lo and behold as I sifted through records my great
great grandfather Yehuda Leib Epel was born in Varniai in 1847
and moved to Kaunas in 1881. His US death record listed his parents
as Tevya and Golde Epel. Tax and voter lists confirmed Tevya as
Yehuda Leib's father and him being born in Varniai in around 1817.
But nothing was available on his wife.

Now, the man who contacted me has a great great grandfather who
had a sister named Golde Bolnik born in Varniai in 1829ish. I cannot
find any records in litvaksig or the ALD proving that my Golde WAS a
Bolnik or conversely that his Golde Bolnik did NOT marry into our
family. But we have a match for town and approx age as well as
estimated relation via DNA. I am hesitant to confirm matches without
substantial documentation but I am feeling like this is a pretty
solid one. Are there any Bolnik's here >from Varniai? Or maybe any

Nicole Martin
researching surnames:
Appel/Eppel, Horwitz, Abrams, Mark, Pijurski, Fainburg, Mordechelovich
Kaunas, Taurage, Chicago, Los Angeles and now Varniai

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