Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Seeking help pulling Lithuanian records in Russian #lithuania

David W. Perle

Hi, all. While I find the old 1880s records >from Poland quite easy
to figure out, I have the hardest time figuring out the Lithuanian
records. Querying on JewishGen, I found links to scanned pages on
FamilySearch for several people I'd like to pull, but I can't figure
out which pages they're on. Would you be able to (a) please show me
which pages/records they actually are so that I may save them and/or
also (b) please translate them for me? In contrast to the records
from Poland, the Lithuanian records are much briefer!
One of the records is definitely that of my great-grandfather's
birth, Nathan. Then there's a death record that I'm pretty certain is
his paternal grandmother, but then there's another one which also
could potentially be his paternal grandmother. Next, I have what I'm
pretty certain is Nathan's paternal grandfather's death record.
Lastly, possibly that man's father's death record.

I also e-mailed my second-cousin about his grandmother--one of
Nathan's daughters--whose birth record I found and I doubt that he's
had it yet, or has had a translation, so I'm sure he'd appreciate help
with that as well?

Thanks for any help!

Washington, DC

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately so David can give you the
specifics -- town, surname, year -- of the records he is looking for.

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