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Paul & Sharon Bernstein <izrabeez@...>

My great-great grandparents [ SHER - Serras - FAMILY ] were >from the
same town as Eric's "paternal Grandmother who came >from Seduwa/Shaduva"

The ALD database
has quite a lot of information (FYI, most of my family - the next 2 or 3
generations are >from Saulaia - a lot more records are available - as
Shavel was/is the 3rd. largest town in Lithuania).

FYI, I've been in touch with Milda Jakulyte-Vasil - who is the curator
of the Seduva Memorial Museum in Vilnius, who provided me with a
contact-researcher in Lithuanian State History Archive -
- as well as a contact (Jurate Zulpaite) at the Jewish Museum-Memorial
in Seduva.

Please write me privately for the contact information.

FYI, some relatives of mine in south Africa have managed to arrange
Lithuanian Passports etc., it is/can be a rather costly process, but
certainly doable.

'Ba' hatzlaka' (good luck - translated freely >from Hebrew.

Paul Bernstein

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