Jaroslaw, Pruchnik and Radymno records #galicia

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

Jaroslaw, Pruchnik and Radymno in SE Poland form a triangle
(no town more than 17 km or 12 miles >from each other). Przemysl,
the main city in the area, is only 14 kilometers south of Radymno.
As a result, families in these towns inter-married and researchers
often need to follow their trail >from town to town. Furthermore,
families living in any of the villages around these towns tended
to register their vital events in any one of them, so records are
not necessarily in the nearest archive.

David Fielker is actively involved in research relating to Jaroslaw,
Pruchnik and Radymno and would welcome hearing >from any
researcher with whom he has not previously been in contact.
His information will be of interest.

Please write David at: davidfielker@onetel.com

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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