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Eli Rabinowitz

Hi All

My journey of discovery should inspire those of you seeking family and

A door that had been closed for over 35 years, has reopened through good
detective work mixed with luck and the help of some professionals as
well as fellow cyber travellers.

Once I received a registered letter >from the archives in Riga, I knew
that things would develop quickly.

In the end, it took less than one hour after posting messages on and to find Alon Gold on and his
"baba Sofa", Zara Smushkovich, my long lost first cousin!

Two people who I did not know, Elena Shapiro Wayne and Gert Rogers,
reached out and provided the vital links.

A rip roaring success story, if ever there was one!

There is so much history still to share. We are so looking forward to

Read my story here:

Shana Tova 5777

Eli Rabinowitz
Perth Australia

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