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Howard Fink <HowGen@...>

I am familiar with Alan's original PSA order, and it was entirely for
Death records. As Mark Halpern says, parents' names are not usually
found in Death records, except sometimes in the case of infant or
still-births. For Tarnow almost all of the Birth records do contain the
parent's names. It was unusual, but when we created the JRI-Poland
index of the LDS microfilmed years (1808 - 1870) we did include the
parents' names in the index, and you will see these when searching
online. For the PSA years (1870 - 1900), led by Dennis Gries, we typed
in information >from simple indices that we purchased >from the PSA.
These did not include this additional information, so we could not
enter it and you will not see parents' names in our online database for
these years. Based on the records that I and others have ordered and
seen, however, this information is usually present in the Birth
records. For newer years that we are paying to have entered by workers
at the PSA (1900 - 1904) the additional information including parents'
names is included, so for these years (when it is online) you will
again see the parents' names in our online database.

This is all a long way of saying that although you do not see parents'
names in the Tarnow Birth records for the years 1870 - 1900, it is very
likely that it will be in record photocopies that you order. For other
years you will immediately see parents' names when you search the
JRI-Poland online database.

Howard Fink
Tarnow Shtetl & Archive Coordinator
Acton, Massachusetts

On Nov 14, 2005, Mark Halpern wrote:

Subject: Re: is there additional information in photocopies of Tarnow
From: "Mark Halpern" <mark@...>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 11:53:21 -0500

[snipped information]

2) Order birth records first as they have the most genealogically
relevant information. Concentrate on the family of the mother.
Birth records always includes some information about the mother's

In Alan's case, if he has good reason to suspect that the BLASSER
could be his BLATT family, I would suggest ordering the 1877 birth as
will have more information that the earlier 1872 birth record.

Alan also mentioned that he ordered copies of Tarnow records before and
they came with absolutely no additional information. I would venture a
guess that he had ordered death records. Death records do have more
information than the index entry contains, but, in many cases, do not
have much genealogically valuable information.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Order Processing Coordinator

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I've just learned of two records in the PSA for the town of Tarnow.

BLASSER Bassie B 1872 1872 159 15

Which is interesting because, although the last name is not quite
right, the year is right for it to be the birth of my grandmother
Bessie BLATT who was born Sept 17,1872 in Tarnow - but
doesn't show up in any record I could find under the name Blatt.

Interestingly, there's also a
BLASER Basie B 1877 1877 634 18 15
in the Tarnow records, but the year is not what we thought.

To figure out whether either really is her, I'd need the names
of their parents - but the records I could find don't include
that. Just what you see above.

I could order photocopies of the original records through
JRI -Poland, but once before I tried ordering photocopies of a
bunch of records, and they came with absolutely no additional
information. Just exactly the same stuff that I'd gotten on line
- but harder to read. They went straight into the waste basket.

Have any of you ever ordered photocopies of Tarnow records
like these?

Did they have any additional information beyond what
was on line?

If the original record had parents' names, wouldn't
that have been included with the index information?

Alan Wasser
New York

Subject: RE: is there additional information in photocopies of Tarnow
From: "dennis gries" <dgries@...>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 09:01:06 -0500

Alan and others: Re: "Subject: Re: is there additional information in
photocopies of Tarnow records?

Yes, and I am emailing Alan with one of the .jpg files that I posted
Viewmate a few months ago. Long story short: He will get the parents
both the father and the mother, the witnesses, if a boy - not the case
his request - the mohel, and additional notes. At least that is what I
received for two birth records for 1881 and 1884.

Best to all

Dennis Gries
Sarasota FL

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