Given Names Pattern of Jews in the USA-The Bernanke Case #galicia

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners and Siggers,

I was curious when I first heard the Bernanke surname
by the time he was suggested to the post of the
Federal Reserve Chairman. I quickly discovered that he
has Galitzianer roots.But what is even more
interesting is his given name Ben Shalom.
Here is what I managed to find out:
"It was the tradition in the South that the
first born son received his mother's maiden name as
his first name. Thus, in Dillon there were people with the
name Smith Williamson and Brown Jones. The Bernankes
translated his mother's maiden name - Friedman to

I also enclose a link to an interesting article about
him in this week's "Forward".

Jacob Rosen

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