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Notice to all interested parties:

The Special Collections, University of Cape Town Libraries, has put on-line
three different documents: the history of the family (text and
illustrations,165 pages), genealogical tables (30 pages), and the lives of
the musicians in the family (35 pages). Each document relates to all four of
my ancestral families: HERBERT (formerly YABLOCHNIK), PAIKIN, MILLER and
YERUSALIMSKI. My ancestors, originally >from Lithuania and Latvia, emigrated
to England, South Africa, and the USA >from about 1882 to the early 20th
These documents have been indexed by Google. To access them in readable form
search for:
Gilbert Herbert: A Short Family History.
Gilbert Herbert: A Short Family History: Genealogical tables.
Gilbert Herbert: Harmonious Relations: The genealogy of a musical family.
These documents will also give you the link to the relevant university
archival database.

I look forward to receiving feedback, and shall be happy to answer any

Professor Gilbert Herbert, Haifa, Israel

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately.

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