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Carol Hoffman

Join LitvakSIG on Wednesday, July 26 for our luncheon with Professor
Elisa New. She will be speaking on her book Jacob's Cane: A Jewish
Family's Journey >from the Four Lands of Lithuania to the Ports of
London and Baltimore

Drawn to an image of her great-grandfather's ornately carved cane,
scholar Elisa New embarked on a journey to discover the origins of her
precious family heirloom. Treading back across the paths of her
ancestors, she travels >from Baltimore to the Baltic to London in order
to find and understand an immigrant world profoundly affected by
modern German culture, >from the Enlightenment through the Holocaust.

Deeply ambitious in its narrative sweep, Jacob's Cane captures the
rich texture of life on several continents as New's family searches to
establish itself in the tobacco trade. A fascinating history of one
family's story of progress, innovation, and struggle, Jacob's Cane
will change the way we think about the Jewish American experience.

We look forward to seeing you!

Carol Hoffman
LitvakSIG President

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