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The ALD has a record >from an 1868 military Revision list,
showing several men in the same household in Grinkiskis
with the last name FRIDMAN. The record lists different
fathers for each. I optimistically presume the fathers are
brothers, which would make the men first cousins.
One of the men, Abel Leyzer FRIDMAN, is my great-grandfather.

Does anyone know if it's possible to find earlier archival
material based on that Revision List, that might show the
relationship between the fathers?

Thank you,
Sue Freedman Seales, North Carolina
researching FRIDMAN; Grinkiskis and Siluva
BOYARSKY; Mosty, Grodno
ROSENTHAL; Wegrow and Zareby Koscilene, Poland, and Odessa
BLUSTEJN; Zareby Koscielne, Poland

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