Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Need some help on immigration to Atlanta #lithuania

Mike Reisman <reism@...>

I am a relatively new member and I am hopeful
that I can locate relatives as I work through
family genealogy >from this area of Lithuania.

I am looking for other families >from Joniskelis /
Yineskel or nearby, who have Samuel/Shmuel/Simcha
Goldberg, who married Basia/Basha/Freda/Frieda
___. Samuel was probably b. about 1850-1854, and
died before 1906, probably in Lithuania. The
children I know of were Rose Moss b. 1871, Uri
Josef/Yusef/Joseph, b. 1875, and,Chana/Anne/Annie
b. 1885. Freda/Frieda and the children immigrated
to Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I am seeking relevant
information about Samuel and Frieda >from their time
in Lithuania.

My hope is that someone >from my family who first
emigrated knew someone who somehow got to Atlanta
& the rest followed. The surname is Goldberg as
far back as I can determine. Alternate names that
correlate in Lithuania, if anyone knows them,
would help me as well.

I am hopeful and appreciative of any assistance
and help that can be rendered.

I can provide more data to any individual that
can help me.

Mike Reisman
Scottsdale, Arizona

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