Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Orlya 1904 Family List and Shchuchin 1908 Family List (Lida District) now translated! #lithuania


I'm delighted to share the news that the LitvakSIG Lida District
Research Group has translated two very important lists-- the 1904
Orlya Family List and the 1908 Shchuchin Family List. The Orlya
list has information about 1,758 people, and the Shchuchin list
has information about 3,063 people.

Surnames for these lists can be found at
district-research-group in the Surname Lists section.

The Orlya 1904 list includes information on conscription, including
the year, and information on reasons for arriving and leaving Orlya.
The Shchuchin 1908 list includes some full birthdates that pre-date
the scope of surviving birth records for the town, and -- especially
unusual -- shows five individuals who converted TO Judaism. In all
the years of dealing with records >from Lida District towns,
I cannot remember having seen this before.

These two lists were translated as part of a cooperative effort
between LitvakSIG and Belarus SIG and I especially want to thank
Belarus SIG's Paul Zoglin for translation-related help.

The Orlya and Shchuchin lists, as well as the 1903/1905 Lida Family
Lists and the 1906 Radun Family List, will eventually be publicly
searchable in the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database and the JewishGen
Belarus Database. But they are currently available only to
qualified contributors to the LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group.
A contribution of $100 US will guarantee you immediate access to
Excel files of all translations of records >from Lida District towns
-- new and old -- through December 31, 2021.

To contribute, please go to:
and click on "Research Groups for Districts and Gubernias" and scroll down
and choose Lida.

Next on the translation agenda for the LitvakSIG Lida District Research
Group will be Lists of Inhabitants >from the 1930s >from Lida and other
nearby towns. Your support will make translation of these lists
possible...thanks in advance!

If you have any questions, please write me at

Judy Baston, Coordinator,
LitvakSIG Lida District Research Group

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