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Gillam Keinan <gillam49@...>

Like the vast majority of South African Jews I am of Litvak stock.

Most of my life I have lived in Israel.

I recently went on a Roots/Heritage tour of Lithuania. I came back
with many satisfying experiences. Nevertheless I am still in the dark
about unknown ancestors and also cousins/relatives. (Of course I am
aware of all my South African first cousins).

I also did a DNA test with the hope of identifying additional
relatives - mainly in the States, without much success so far.

All my great grandparents hail >from Lithuania. One is >from Bialystok -
which is close by. Needless to say their children - my grandparents
all emigrated to South Africa.

Here are the details of my great grandparents who remained behind in
Lithuania. I estimate that they were born in the period 1850 - 1870

1a) Vilkomir (today, Ukmerge ) - Avram Shlioma and Zipporah Frank

1b) Kupishok ( today - Kupikis) - Avram Shlioma and Hannah-Lea
Frank (Zipporah passed away at a young age and he remarried).

2) Kibarti (today - Kybartai) Joseph and Rivka Stern.

3) Vilkomir - Joseph and Gila Josephson

4) Bialystok - Nachman and Leah Donovsky (My great-grandparents who
did emigrate to South Africa - via London) I met them when I was a
young kid in the early fifties.

Note: unfortunately I do not have the maiden names of any of my

If any of these names (Frank, Stern, Josephson, Donovsky) ring a bell
in the appropriate context, I'd be happy to hear >from you.

Gillam Frank - Keinan

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