Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Translation of Marriage Record from Hebrew or Russian #lithuania

Dan Oren <doren@...>

Dear SIG mavens:

I've found two (likely duplicate) indexed listings on LitvakSIG's
All Lithuania Database for the 1904 marriage of Yitschak or Itzko
LIFTMAN and Sheina BRIDFELD in Vilna. I've posted the linked
vital records for both on Viewmate at the links below. My question
is to ask Russian and/or Hebrew readers if you think the two records
are correctly described as being between these two people.

I realize they are most likely indexed correctly, but this information
doesn't seem to match with other records I've found. Also,
what are the recorded ages of the groom?

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you kindly,

Dan Oren
Woodbridge, Connecticut USA
Searching for LIFTMAN >from Nemirov and BRIDFELD >from the Vilna (Vilnius

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