Lithuania SIG #Lithuania ALD Pasport Record Question #lithuania

Arnold Koslow <brooklyncowboy@...>

I found in ALD Search passport records in 1893 for what I believe are
my great and great great grandparents.

My question relates to who needed a passport for travel - in particular
were children under a certain age not required to have a passport.

The reason for my question is that while I found my great
grandfather Shachno Kacherginsky and great grandmother Sheina Rocha,
it did not list my Grandfather Eliash and Great Uncle Leib Meir
as having passports. My grandfather would have been an infant as he
was born per my records in early 1893 vs. mid 1893 when Shachno
and Sheina's passports were issued and Leib would be 10 or 11.

Thanks in advance for help with this question.

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