Lithuania SIG #Lithuania The Global Partisans' Song Project on South African National TV #lithuania

Eli Rabinowitz

This impressive 12 minute segment on the Global Partisans' Song
Project featured on SABC TV, South Africa's national television
network, last Sunday:

There are many Jewish educators around the world with connections to
either United Herzlia Schools in Cape Town or King David Schools in

Add to that the large percentage of Jewish South African migrants who
attended these two schools.

They must feel particularly proud of their Alma Maters that are engaging
Jewish students to stand up and be proud and knowledgeable of their
Jewish cultural heritage.

We must not forget the significant contribution of the teachers and many
students of the ORT schools in the FSU - the Former Soviet Union, who
have participated.
ORT schools in the FSU which have supported the program are in Russia,
Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania and Estonia.

The most prominent Jewish person who attended Herzlia School in Cape =
Town is none other than the Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth, =
Ephraim Mirvis.

The Partisans' Song Project:

Shabbat Shalom

Eli Rabinowitz
Perth Australia

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