Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Translation of microfilm record of my grandmother Paia Beila Kurlandchik`s birth #lithuania


I need your help and would truly appreciate it very much if someone
could translate and tell me which record is of the birth of my
grandmother. Her name was Paia Beila KURLANDCHIK and she was born in
Jonava, Lithuania on 15/2/1881-Adar 28. Her Father was named Shmerel and
her GF was also named Shmerel. Her mother was named Sora Godes and her
father was Rubin.

The LitvakSig "All Lithuania Database" shows her birth ( second listing
down) and the above information. On the far right of her birth record is
a column that shows that a microfilm copy of her birth record was made
and shows the following information. Recorded in Jonava-1881 Record
F(Female) 6- Microfilm/item/image 2270648/9 Archive LVIA Fond

The information is written both in Cyrillic and Hebrew and I can not
read them. I would love to be able to identify which item her birth
record is, make a copy of it and get any other information the record
may contain. Some of the birth records also have a paragraph written
near them and if there is one that contains info about her I would like
to know what that says as well.

I can not tell you how much this means to me as I loved her very much.
Hope to hear >from you soon.

Rich Friedman

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