Lithuania SIG #Lithuania New Data Added to the ALD for the First Quarter of 2018 #lithuania


The quarterly addition of new data to our All Lithuania Database (ALD) is
now searchable online.

A summary of the new data uploaded to the ALD for the 1st Quarter of 2018 is

The Grand Total of New Lines of data is 16,177.

Revision List Template (Total Lines 10,503): Records for Disna town and
District, Oshmiany District, Sejny District in Suwalki Guberniya, many towns
in Vilnius District and Vilnius City, and Zarasai District (Rokiskis town).

Tax / Voters Template (Total Lines 3,122): Records for Kaunas District,
Panevezys District and Vilnius District plus countrywide list of medical

Internal Passports (Total Lines 2,552): Foreign Passports for Vilnius City.

Please note that not all data in a particular template is actually data of
that specific type - eg. Passport Issuance records for Kaunas District
appear in the Revision List Template category. Conscript and Draft lists
will also appear in the Revision List category. Please look at all search
results even if you don't think the record type category is relevant to your
search. You just never know what you'll find.

Happy hunting,

Eden Joachim
Records Upload Coordinator

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