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Hi, Galicianers,

The cemetery name is Acacia [a tree] - not Arcadia [a
place.] Parts of all three, [Mokom Shalom, Acacia and
Bayside,] are neglected due to a lack of funds, not an
intentional lack of concern. In the case of Bayside -
much has been written about the neglect in the local
papers in the past 2-3 years.

Cemeteries have rules about perpetual care funds -
eventually the amount of money earned in interest from
the initial deposit is not sufficient to provide
annual care. They are NOT allowed to touch the
principal, so less and less of the grounds can be
tended to. And then, there are those graves without
any care paid for... the Jewish Community is just
realizing that we must deal with this issue.

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

On Mon, 05 Dec 2005 00:35:07 +0000
Caryn A. Leifer, <> wrote:

I was recently at the three cemeteries located on
Pitkin Avenue between 80 and 84 Streets in Ozone Park,
Queens: Mokom Shalom, Arcadia and Bayside.

None of the cemeteries are abandoned. Mokom Shalom's
keys can be obtained. During my most recent visit there, a fall
clean up was under way at Mokom Shalom. The main entrance is on Pitkin Avenue.

The elevated Liberty Avenue train stops there as well.

There are two Mielec areas one is #25 at Mokom Shalom
(near Piktin Avenue). The other is area #1 on Liberty
Avenue in the Arcadia Cemetery. It is to the left
when you enter the main car entrance.

Hope this is helpful

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