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Adam Cherson

I would like for a moment to call the attention of Litvak and Belarus
researchers to discuss the status of Yizkor Book translations for the
region encompassing roughly Lida-Voronova-Dieveniskes-Vilna.

I consider YBs, when properly transformed into searchable data, to be as
important as Revision Lists, Family Lists, B/M/D Records, or Internal
Passport Lists. They even do these types of lists one step better by
providing enriching and unforgettable insights into what life and people
were actually like in these places during these times.

If I may, here is a snippet >from the Dieveniskes Book which shows the
level of genealogical detail which may be found in these books. To
acquire this much information via traditional primary records would take

"In my youth, my grandfather Leyb was the owner of a glassmaking
workshop in Soletchnik. After Jews were forbidden to live in the
villages, he relocated to Divenishok and purchased a large home on the
corner of Geranion and Subotnik, which was used as a motel for
passers-by. It was there that grandfather and grandmother passed away.

My mother Zippa, of the Sharashevski family >from Kovne, died in the
prime of her life in 1912, and we small children were left behind. In
order to stop my eldest brother >from being enlisted in the Tsarist
military, my father sold a horse and a cow, and sent him to England.

Next in line was my sister Khayeh whom married Yitzhak Levin. After her,
Shifra, married Avraham Kotler. After her, my brother Yosef who married
Radke Moshe Aharon's, and I, the youngest in the home, married Zemakh
Masukutnik's daughter."

As essential as the YBs are, they remain, in many instances, outside the
mainstream of Jewish genealogical research. The main reason is the lack
of English translations (please see the list below). The second is that
even when translated the data is difficult to mine because it is not
fully integrated into regional databases such as the Belarus and
Lithuania Databases and JRI-Poland. Thus, researchers who do not know
their specific town(s) or even region of origin will never find
themselves in these books.

Sooooo, I am seeking to jump-start translation and data-mining for the
towns in Lida-Vilna region (by data mining I mean the ability to find YB
data using the JewishGen database search-engine:

Since I am already preparing two YBs in this way I cannot take on any
more for now. I can, however, mentor anyone as to the mechanics of how
to project-manage a translation, including guidance on raising funds,
finding translators, and preparing the manuscript and data, etc.
Knowledge of Hebrew and/or Yiddish is not required.

Please contact me if you can take on the honorable responsibility of
managing one of these projects, perhaps one of the towns of your own
ancestry for the sake of your own research. I hope to collaborate with
some of you on this important work.

Have a Pleasant Day,
Adam Cherson
Project Manager: Dieveniskes and Voronova YBs

Here is the current status of the YBs in the Lida-Vilna region, to my

Ashmyany: 2% translated:

Belitsa: 0% translated:

Dieveniskes: 99% translated:

Eisiskes: 95% translated:

Golshany (Olshan): 100% translated but not indexed for the YBMNI:

Ivye: 95% translated:

Lida: 40% translated:

Lipnishok: 0% translated:

Novy Dvor: 5% translated: (is in
the Schchuchyn book)

Orlya: 1% translated: (is in the
Zheludok book)

Ostryna: 25% translated: (is in
the Schchuchyn book)

Radin: Not sure, because I have not been able to find any mention of
there being a Yizkor Book.

Rozhanka: 75% translated: (is in
the Schchuchyn book)

Schchuchyn: 75% translated:

Soltechnik: 50% translated: (I am working on
this one; is in the Voronova book)

Traby: 95% translated:
(is in the Ivye book)

Vasilishki: 100% translated (but photos are not available through
translation): (is in
Schchsuchyn book)

Vilna: A) Vilner Zamlbuk (1974) 0% translated, B) Vilnius: Yerushalyim
de-Lita (1974), a three volume set of mostly photographs, 0% translated

Vishnevo: 30% translated:

Volozhin: 50% translated:

Voronovo: 40% translated: (I am working on
this one)

Zheludok: 1% translated:

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