Lithuania SIG #Lithuania LitvakSIG Election Task Force Announcement #lithuania

Garri Regev

The Nominating Task Force has put forth two candidates to fill three
open seats on the Board of Directors of LitvakSIG. The nominees are:
Judy Baston and Jody Tzuker. They have provided statements about their
qualifications which have been posted on the Members Only website at:
(you need to login to access the page).

Beginning June 25, 2017 any LitvakSIG members in good standing who
were not recommended by the Nominating Task Force may nominate
themselves or any other additional candidates for election as
Directors. They may do so by submitting names and supporting
biographical materials to the secretary of LitvakSIG, Barry Halpern
barry.halpern@... by electronic transmission not later than July
9, 2017 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Time.

A statement of the name, address and qualifications of each proposed
candidate, along with the proposed candidate's consent and agreement
to serve if elected must be submitted. This process is in lieu of
nominations >from the floor during the August 7 LitvakSIG annual
meeting in Warsaw, Poland. Names and biographical materials will be
included on the LitvakSIG Members Only website along with those of
the slate recommended/nominated by the Task Force, and any candidates
nominated during this process will be included on the ballot; all
nominees' names will appear in alphabetical order.

Voting will take place by e-mail July 22 to August 4 and at the IAJGS
Conference on Jewish Genealogy meeting in Warsaw, Poland.

LitvakSIG members who do not vote before the meeting will be able to
vote in person at the Conference at the beginning of the LitvakSIG
Annual Meeting on August 7, 2018.

Dues payments must be received by the treasurer no later than Saturday
August 4, 2018 at 11:59 Eastern Time
in order to receive an email ballot.

Details on the election procedures and distribution of email ballots
will be posted shortly by the Election Task Force.

2018 Election Task Force

Garri Regev, Chair garrir@...

Ralph Salinger salinger@...

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