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Salinger Ralph

Dear Readers,
I am posting this for a friend

Looking at the All Lithuania Revision List Database (Pt. 2) (Family List,
1888), my gggrandfather, Mendel Pinkus IUDIN, is listed as living in the
Shkuntiki village, Igumen area, Disna, Vilnius. [Family List,
LVIA/681/17/1103] Under the "Comments" section it notes that he was
"registered in Sharkov JC, lived in the village >from 1868".
1. What does the "JC" stand for?
2.Does this mean that Mendel moved >from Sharkovshchina to Shkuntiki, but
the registry wasn't updated to the new location? My grandfather (Mendel's
grandson), Shimon/Sam YUDIN, said that he came >from Sharkovshchina [this is
about 9.5 miles >from Shkuntiki, unless he was referring to the district &
not the village].
3. What registry does this refer to? Does it still exist? Is the original
page available online?

Ralph Salinger

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