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Bette Mas <bette.sscf@...>

Richard Stower wrote: << My grandfather-in-law, according to his
naturalization papers, came >from a town named GIZEJIKANIS. Family lore
has it that he came >from Lithuania, but was an ethnic Pole. I have not
been able to locate this town or district or neighborhood anywhere. >>
When trying to identify an unknown town, after obtaining all possible
family documents, it is preferable to search JewishGen Gazetteer by
distance and direction >from a known location.
< > A search for
(sounds like) Gizejikanis in JGG has no result, as expected.

A search in Ancestry only for keyword Gizejikanis resulted in a
naturalization declaration image linked to Kazimerz Jan Radziewicz on
the Ozzolek Family Tree. KJR was born March 4, 1880 in Lithuania,
immigrated >from Hamburg on the B? to NY about 29 July 1907, resided
in Massachusetts, wife Alexandria in 1928,. No censuses or other
documents found in Ancestry for this family.

Steve Morse Ellis Island Gold Form search results < > found the most likely match, Casimier
Radziewicz 27, Aug 1, 1907 Badenia >from Hamburg, Polish, last
residence Kowno Russia, birth place Grikancy Russia.

A JGG search for (sounds like) Grikancy by distance and direction from
Kowno (Kaunas) in Lithuania resulted in the correct town.
Greikonys, Lithuania (coordinates 5433 2412) 27.0 miles SSE of Kaunas
(Kovno). Click on G for Google map.

Bette Stoop Mas

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