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Jon Seligman

Re: 1. Ruta Vanagaite

The book originally titled Musiskiai (Our People) by Ruta Vanagaite and
Efraim Zuroff is the cause of great controversy in Lithuania, but has been
sold widely. It has a translated version in Hebrew titled 'Masa im Ha'Oyev'
(Journey with an Enemy) by Yediot Books. The book notes in the cover that is
was translated >from English. If you cannot read Hebrew then you may need to
wait for an English publication if no publication exists yet.

Jon Seligman

LITVAKSIG Digest for Monday, August 06, 2018.

1. Ruta Vanagaite


Subject: Ruta Vanagaite
From: Jonathan Feinberg <jffeinberg@...>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018 06:27:43 -0700
X-Message-Number: 1

On our recent visit to Lithuania, one of our guides told us about a book
written by Ruta Vanagaite in Lithuanian and Polish concerning the role
that local citizens played the rounding up and murdering of Jews in

I think there might have been a translation into English titled,
"Our People," but I can't find it anywhere.

Has anyone else heard of this book or know if a translated version can
be found?

I would appreciate any information.

Thank you,

Jonathan Feinberg

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