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Jill <ja324435@...>

I have just uploaded new files to the Vilnius District Research Group:
1795 Revision lists for Vilnius and Snipiskes and names of property
owners on an 1898 Vilnius historical map. These are in addition to the
thousands of records already available to qualifying contributors.

LitvakSig's Vilnius District Research Group translates records >from this
area and contributors to the Group have access as soon as the
translations are made. These Excel spread sheets can be downloaded to
your computer and you can sort the information any way you like - by
surname, by date, by first name, by town etc. Shtetls in the Vilnius
District are: Antakalnis, Bagaslaviskis, Bezdonys, Ciobiskis, Gelvonai,
Giedraiciai, Inturke, Jasiunai, Joniskes, Laibiskis, Maisiagala,
Mikhalishki, Moletai, Musninkai, Naujoji Vilna, Nemencine, Novygorod,
Paberze, Rudamina, Salcininkai, Sesuoliai, Sirvintos, Snipiskes,
Stundishki, Turgeliai, Vilnius City and Yakubantse.

Please contribute to our group and help us with this work. See the
LitvakSig website for more details about the Vilnius District Research
Group, or you're welcome to contact me directly.

Jill Anderson
Coordinator of the Vilnius District Research Group of LitvakSig

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