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Hello fellow researchers,

In the Rosenbaum Bank Passage Books, I found an entry (no 23864)
noting the moment when my great aunt's husband paid for my great
grandmother's passage >from Lithuania to Philadelphia. My great
grandmother's (Chasse Pitun) address is listed as what I read as:
Kowno Sossena Ulica 3. Though it could be Sostena or Sosiena or
perhaps some other variation. See the handwritten entry no. 23864 on
this page to see for yourself:

from Google Maps I see Lithuania has a car dealership chain called
Sostena, but I can find no close cognates for a street in Kaunas or
Vilijampole. I'm also having trouble finding city plans or maps from
the early Lithuanian Republic so I can look in the contemporaneous
city. My ultimate goal is to find where Sossena Ulica 3 might be in
modern Kaunas. Can anyone help? Does anyone have any suggestions? Does
the name Sossena/Sostena/Sosiene mean something? Google Translate
tells me Sosiene resembles a Lithuanian world for thief. If true, what
a name for a street: Gonif gas!?!

Adam Feldman

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