Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Donations Made Via PayPal or Check/Cheque #lithuania

LitvakSIG <treasurer@...>

We truly appreciate your financial support. I have an important request to
make your donor experience more successful.

When you donate using PayPal it's really important that you note the
purpose. EG. Dues or Kaunas District.

When you donate by mailing a check/cheque, it's really important that you
provide your E-Mail address and a note about the purpose.

All finance related correspondence is done by email, so if the Treasurer
doesn't have a valid email address in the records, a receipt cannot be
provided, nor can access be provided to any of the password protected sites
to which you may qualify for access.

As we approach the end of the calendar year and the heaviest donation
period of the year, these requests are more important than ever. The
treasurer may not have time to correspond with each donor to determine
his/her intention.

Additionally, if someone is gifting you with membership dues or a
contribution to a research group / special project, it must be noted or you
may not receive credit for the contribution or access to data.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Eden Joachim

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