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Salinger Ralph

Dear Litvaks.
Can anybody help this teacher about this fascinating subject ?

First letter - Greetings I guide my 12th graders at a Jewish school
in Manhattan to write the roots of their families.

Two students mentioned that for the purpose of emigration, their
Jewish grandparents who were originally German citizens and lived in
Lithuania at the beginning of the war were married in government but
not Jewish marriages in order to allow the fictitious couple to emigrate.

Do you know about this phenomenon? What law is behind it? How did the
fictitious marriage help the emigration of Jews of Lithuanian origin?

Second letter -

It seems according to the personal accounts and my own research that
the Germans and Soviets reached an agreement regarding the Volksdeutche -
people of German origin living in territories under the Soviet Union.
According to the agreement those Germans were repatriated to German
territories. I find it hard to believe that the Jews of German origin
were included in the agreement, and yet the personal accounts are of
German yeshiva students who were able to leave Soviet occupied Lithuania
and married local Jewish girls ciivilly to allow them to join. The other
option could have been that the Ger=
man quotas for immigration to the USA were not filled, and therefore being =
married to a German citizen enabled the non-German girl to immigrate.
I am not sure if either of the above options can explain the phenomenon of =
fictitious marriages.
I would appreciate it if your could post the question and keep me posted wi=
th an answer.

Thank you

Please reply either to me at salinger@... or to Chani Gotlie=
b chanigotlieb@...

Many thanks,

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