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Sheila Berman

I have been looking unsuccessfully for Jurbakas records for my
grandfather's family. The birth dates range >from 1882 to 1900.
Given names are Gittel, Shmuel, Sholom, Meyer, Lena, Ana and Sara. The
only record I could find was a 1930 marriage record for Sara that took
place in Jurbakas. Parents' names are Mausha Berman and Chasia

I have had great success with other branches of my family using the
LitvakSig databases. I am trying to determine if I am searching
incorrectly for the Berman records (I have tried different name
variations and regions), or if these records are just not available in
the database. Also, if they are not in the database, do these records
exist at the archives.

I do have a copy of the Yurburg Yizkor book, which is an excellent
resource, but I did not find anything conclusive about my family.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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