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Seeking information about Yosef Bialik, born 1898 in Odessa, married
and resided in Klaipeda, emigrated to New York City, in particular to
contact descendants in his extended family if possible. My maternal
grandfather saved his daughter Riva >from the Kaunas ghetto in 1943.

My family has corresponded with the extended family of Riva on her
mother's side and they have provided information about the rescue
from their perspective. In contrast we have had no contact at all
with the extended family of Yosef, if any survive. We do not even
know whether Yosef had any siblings or cousins.

Both Riva and her father emigrated to America, separately, and not
long after the war apparently both died, separately.

Riva traveled >from Kaunas to Munich to Bremen and then to New York
City, arriving on December 26, 1946. We believe she attended school
in America for the 1947-1948 school year.

After the school year Riva apparently left the care of her father and
moved to Norwich, Connecticut, perhaps under the care of relatives of
her late mother, Frieda Simon. We seek to contact descendants of her
caregivers in Norwich.

At some point Riva became ill. She entered William Backus Hospital
and died there on November 30, 1948 of chronic nephritis and

We believe Yosef died not long after Riva died, although (after a
diligent search of U.S. records) we have no details.

Selected documents are posted to ViewMate:

Marriage record of Yosef and Frieda,

Passenger manifest of Yosef,

Passenger manifest of Riva,

Death certificate of Riva,

Andris Vizbaras
New York, NY

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