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S. Silberg

My late grandmother left Birzai, Lithuania in 1925 bound for South Africa.
One sister left for Brazil. The other sisters and their mother
remained. In August 1941 the family and their children were murdered.
The family names were NOVESEDZ, BEDER AND ZELBOVICH.
It was not spoken about in the South African family. I discovered all
this only recently.

Last weekend I discovered that the Brazilian sister kept a trove of
correspondence sent >from Birzai. Her daughter had been storing these
papers but wasn't able to get the Yiddish translated. I have now made
it my mission to get everything translated. I hope someone it able to
help me get started.

To start I have posted the two shortest items on Viewmate. A postcard
that appears to have been written in 1941 -- possibly the last
correspondence sent. There is another short letter written in 1927.

I would be so grateful if someone can translate the Yiddish so I can share
it with our family. Please respond using the online Viewmate form.

Sincere thanks

Sheryl Silberg
New York, NY

Birzai, Pretoria. MEIROWITZ Ponevezh, Seduva, Potchefstroom, Johannesburg.
HACK Ponevezh. KUJANSKY Grodno, London, Johannesburg

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