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Cliff Karchmer <ckarchmer@...>

I am a member of your listserv and thought the other readers would be
interested in this development, which relates directly to a Holocaust
memoir by a survivor. The book Solitary in the Overwhelming
Turbulence, was written in Hebrew by my late cousin Naphtali Karchmer
and published in 1982. To recap, he was captured by the Nazis in 1939
after joining a socialist partisan brigade. He spent the next six
years as a POW in a status that was considerably more humane than
concentration camp victims, and for the entire time he pondered the
origin and growth of anti-Semitism in the world.

Today, I learned that Adam Cherson, coordinator of the Devenishkes
Kehilalinks website associated with JewishGen,, posted the English
translation of Naphtali's book on the Devenishkes website. For anyone
whose memory may have slipped just a little, Devenishkes is the town
in Lithuania where the Karchmer branch started around 1800. Here is
the link to the Devenishkes web page; Naphtali's book can be opened
and downloaded as the first item under the "Memoirs...." section:

Cliff Karchmer
Silver Spring, MD

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