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Jonathan C. Rappaport <jonrappi1@...>

Lance, thank you for your tireless work on everyone's behalf.
It is deeply appreciated.

Jonathan Rappaport

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Subject: Yizkor Book Project, May 2019
From: "Lance Ackerfeld" <lance.ackerfeld@...>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2019 18:00:59 +0300
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I will start off by noting that this will probably be my last Yizkor
Book monthly report. I will be shortly stepping down as Yizkor Book
Project Manager and my place will be taken over by Binny Lewis. Having
being involved in this project >from around 1999 and leading it >from
2009, it would seem the time is ripe for me to allow someone with new
ideas and energy to take on the project. In the meantime, I will still
be around to help Binny acclimatize to the tasks involved.

I would sincerely like to thank each and every person who has
contributed in some way to the continued success of the Yizkor Book
Project. I am perpetually in awe of the willingness of people to devote
their time and energy to help out in some way to move the various
projects along. I am quite sure that Binny will continue to receive
the same level of support and dedication which will enable the project
to further grow and develop.

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