Lithuania SIG #Lithuania 75 years to liquidation of Kovno Ghetto #lithuania

Carol Hoffman

Mark the date 14 July 2019 - it signifies 75 years to the liquidation
of the Kovno Ghetto. The Nazis raised the camp with dynamite and
grenades, burning the camp and some 2,000 Jews while sending the
remaining prisoners to Dachau and Stufthof Camps to meet their fates.

On 14 July 2019 the Municipality of Kaunas in co-operation with the
Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, the Jewish Community of Lithuania and
it's branch in Kaunas, along with the Association of Lithuanian Jews
in Israel will hold commemorative ceremonies first in the Ninth Fort
and thereafter in the former Kovno Ghetto.

Please take a moment to remember those who perished and honor those
who survived.

Carol Hoffman
Tel Aviv

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