Lithuania SIG #Lithuania Re: Plaque found in Vilna's Great Synagogue #lithuania

Danielle Weiner


Thank you for news of the plaque that was found in the cellar of the
Great Synagogue that details trips of Vilna residents to the Holy
Land. I have been following the progress of this excavation for a
while now.

Is there any way of getting a transcription of the information on this
plaque at this point. If not, maybe a photo of the plaque itself?

Thank you,
Danielle Weiner
Dallas, TX
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Burshtein,Chaimovich, Gurwicz, Zalkind, Taub, Zetler, Shimanovich,
Stziplevsky, Szesol, Cykinski, Szejman, Berensztejn, Kotlovski,
Kamionsky, Merkel, Branshtein, Rabinovicz, Fin, Jablonowski, Levit -
mostly >from Vilna city and Vilna Guberniya

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