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Richard Cooper <ricooper@...>

On 29 Dec 2005 Harvey Glasner wrote in part:

I received the Galician birth record of my maternal grandmother, Ettel
Osterreicher, born 1878 in Przemysl Galicia. The record was printed in
That is not surprising as Galicia was part of Austro-Hungary. I was
wondering if anyone might be able to interpret the record for me.

Ettel was born to Marjem Osterreicher. Marjem's parents I assume are Samuel
Klugman as the record indicates he was "der pathen" and the mother was
Rechel Rispler, Der Hebamme.
Am I translating this correctly?
If you look at
and follow the instructions in the paragraph headed
'Interpreting Your Galician Vital Records' you should be able to
do it yourself. I think you are looking at page 2 of your record as
'Pathen' is 'godfather' (in Hebrew 'Sandek', a role indeed
often taken by a grandfather) and 'Hebamme' is 'Midwife'.
If you still have trouble, why not post a copy of the record on
and then some kind soul will I am sure translate it for you?

Happy ancestor-spotting!
Richard Cooper
Gosport, UK
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