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Dear Fellow Researchers,
There are too many similar first names to ask other researchers if
they are aware of matches. It takes concentrated examination to
identify ancestors if you only have given names. But it can produce
My great-grandfather Samuel Millner (Meilikh Ber Milner) had a sister
named Sora Dvora. There was no family information on whether she
married, and no records naming her after an 1874 Family List, in which
she was listed as single daughter, 30 years old. I decided to use the
LitvakSig and JewishGen lists of Lithuanians, using just "Sora Dvora"
for her given name, and "Troki" for her town. On the All-Lithuanian
Revision List only 16 records showed up. (The JewishGen Lithuania
Database has 136, so I held off on that one.) But I got lucky. I am
pretty sure the one death record is that of my great-great aunt. It
lists a Sora Dveira Ginzburg who died in 1901, 65 years old, in Troki,
the daughter of Zelman. Zelman Ber Milner was, according to the 1874
Family List of Jonava, the father of Meilikh Ber and Sora Dvora.
Additionally, Sora Dveira Ginzburg was, per her death record,
registered in Jonava. I am convinced that the many records for Khemko
Mendel Ginzburg and his wife Sora Dveira, of Jonava, concern my
I have to admit there are facts that do not match in the Ginzburg
records, but these are mainly differences in age, and what looks like
a concerted effort to keep recording citizens as much as possible,
including duplicate listings and continued listings after death or
emigration. One positive link was to find that Sora Dvora's first
child was Itsko, who may well have been named after his late
great-grandfather Itsko (or Khaim Itsko) Milner.
I have to admit that if I look for "Sora Dvora" and "Jonava" on
LitvakSig, I get 127 listings. And on the JewishGen Lithuania
Database, I get 743 possible matches. I have not yet had the time to
rule all of these out.
Best of luck, Angie!

Fredrick L. Millner, Esq., CPA

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