Re: JRI-Poland and AGAD-Warsaw are they exactly the same ? #galicia <shirley.collier@...>

Jacqueline Pollak wrote:

And does any body know why the records of JRI-Poland
(and maybe too the ones
of Agad) are that incomplete ?
Without having too much insight on the way the records
of JRI-pl are collected and collated but knowing what
lies behind the scenes in many other similar
situations, I would suspect that these records are
very much work in progress. I would also suspect
that the lack of funds could be a major factor as
well, as obtaining these records surely does not come

Volunteers work extremly hard and I, for one, have had
the benefit of their efforts on more than one occasion
and they are to be congratulated on what they have
achieved so far. It is just a question of returning
to the records >from time to time to see what has been

And I am sure that a few timely donations would not
come amiss.

Shirley Collier
usually East of London UK
now in Shoham Israel

HARRIS, Sieradz
MUSLIN, Luscow

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